Pendulum Docs

Token Economics

PEN will be the native token on our Pendulum Polkadot parachain. AMPE is the native token of Amplitude following the successful parachain auction on Kusama. In order to ensure Amplitude is a community-first project, the Pendulum team decided to take no allocation of AMPE tokens for themselves or advisors and held no token private sales.

AMPE Tokenomics Overview

Ticker: AMPE
Relay Chain: Kusama
Supply Structure: Fixed
Total Supply: 200,000,000
Initial Circulating Supply: 11,555,556


The distribution is reflective of the intended nature of the project that truly gives Amplitude to the community.
Protocol & Ecosystem Breakdown:

AMPE Token Utility

Amplitude will be the canary network of its sister blockchain, Pendulum. It will act as a testing ground for applications and network parameters for Pendulum, but with real financial consequences.
AMPE token utilities will initially include transaction fees, staking and on-chain governance. Transaction fees will be an integral part of using the network and will be applicable when making any transactions on the protocol and will be paid using AMPE. The fee will be split between the community treasury, rewards and others.
On-chain governance will follow a quadratic voting mechanism to ensure more votes for smaller holders and to disincentivize a single holder casting multiple votes on a single proposal. Proposals in the following categories can be voted on by the community of token holders:
1. Asset Listings — Listing and delisting the token on DEXes and CEXes.
2. Reward Distributions — The mechanism and amount of rewards distributed to different players of the network.
3. Parameter Modifications — Technical upgrades, smart contract configuration changes, transaction fees, etc.
4. Community Suggestions — Other suggestions / recommendations from the community.
The objective of these tokenomics is to set up a fertile ground for a community-driven chain where experimentation can blossom. For more details on the Amplitude crowdloan participation and bonuses please visit our FAQs page.