The Spacewalk bridge system acts as a connection between two networks: the Stellar network and any Substrate-based chain.

The user can select a vault and initiate the token transfer process with a request_redeem signalling the intent to bridge tokens from Parachain for the Stellar chain. Vault processes the request within a specified timeframe.

To bridge from Stellar to the Parachain, users choose a vault, send a request_issue, transfer assets to the vault using the issue_id, and the vault executes the issuance. When bridging from the Parachain to Stellar, users select a vault, send a request_redeem, and the vault has a defined time frame to transfer assets to the user on the Stellar chain.

Main Flows:

Stellar to Parachain:

Initiate the transfer of Spacewalk assets from the Stellar network to any Parachain.

Parachain to Stellar:

Transferring assets from a Substrate-based Parachain back to the Stellar network.

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