Technical FAQ

What is the required disk size to run the chain?

250-500GB per node - <200GB (Polkadot) + 5GB (Pendulum) and increasing.

Block data of mainnet or snapshots

We currently don't have a snapshot available. Any node would need to sync from scratch but that would not take long as Pendulum just started recently. You can use to speed up the sync of the relay chain embedded node.

What is the block producing rate?


What is the precision of each transaction

12 Decimals

How to create an account?

This is for polkadot →

As Pendulum is a polkadot parachain, the account would also be created for Pendulum in the above process.

Where tdo I find the configuration file directory?

How to customize RPC Port and directory of block data?

Please follow our guideline for setting up an RPC or collator node, which should implicitly contain this information (

--rpc-port is the parameter for RPC port and -d is the directory for data. You can access the documentation on node parameters here:

More API instructions?

How do you prevent forking?

This does not happen as the Polkadot relay chain does the consensus for the Pendulum parachain. So the measures to avoid this are the measures employed for Polkadot.

How to restore and recover accounts?

This is the document on how to recover account → ​​

How does the networks avoid 51% attack?

The parachains are secured by the massive relay chain and don't execute their own consensus protocol. Read more here

Will there be rollbacks?

There can't be a rollback because our consensus happens on the Polkadot relay chain

Is there a timeout mechanism for a transaction in tx pool, and if so, how long does it deal?

Every transaction has an optional expiry time. After that they will be removed from the pool.

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