Redeem assets

Move tokens from the testchain to Stellar

With the Portal

Navigate to the bridge tab on the portal and click on "Back To Stellar" on the widget:

  • Select the asset and the amount you want to redeem

  • Enter your wallet address

From there, it might take up to 48h for the vault to transfer the funds back

Status of the Transaction

You can verify the status of your bridge requests anytime under the transfer page. You can also see the details if you need more information about the transaction.

With Polkadot.js

Similarly to an issue request, using the polkadot.js portal requires further knowledge:

  • Head to the Extrinsics tab

  • Select the redeem -> requestRedeem extrinsic

  • Fill in the values:

    • amountWrapped - the amount you want to bridge back to Stellar

    • stellarAddress - the address of the account that you want to receive the tokens on

    • vaultId::accountId - the account ID of the vault's Substrate account

    • vaultId::currencies::collateral - the token that the vault uses as collateral

    • vaultId::currencies::wrapped - the token that will be bridged

      • With the vaultId fields you are basically selecting the vault you want to use for bridging. In order for this to work, a vault with these values has to be registered on-chain.

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