Building pallets and testchain

Before Building

Make sure you have completed the basic Rust setup, see here for more information

Building the Testnet

A pallet cannot run by itself in an isolated way. It needs to be part of a runtime to expose its functionality. In this chapter, you're going to build the first fundamental part of our testing scenario, which is a local testnet that already contains the Spacewalk pallet.

If you navigate to, you'll see that the repository is structured as follows this:

  • clients -> contains the runtime and vault's logic needed to perform the vault operations

  • pallets -> contains the actual Spacewalk pallet

  • testchain -> a simple standalone chain that includes and makes use of the pallet

Run the Testnet

We can start testing by running the following commands:

git clone
cd spacewalk
git checkout main
cargo run --release -- --dev

The last command will compile the testchain and the pallet as well, and then it will run the testnet on localhost:9944.

It may take a while to build it the first time so if you already did this step before and you only want to run the testnet, just do:

./target/release/spacewalk-standalone --dev

Note: If you only want to build or test the pallet itself, you could of course navigate to pallets/spacewalk and run cargo build, or cargo test.

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