Sign T&Cs for rewards

Claim $PEN rewards

Note: instructions only for people who participated in the Pendulum crowdloan.

In order to claim your $PEN crowdloan rewards, you must accept the Terms & Conditions by signing a statement with your Polkadot key. Find the steps below.

How to claim

Go to the Google form here, where you must enter the below details: Address (the Polkadot address that was used to contribute to the Pendulum crowdloan)

Signature (see guide below)

How to get a signature

  1. Go to Polkadot.{js} and find the signing feature (Developer > Sign and verify > Sign message)

  2. Make sure the account that you used to participate in the Pendulum crowd loan is connected via the Polkadot.{js} browser app

  3. Copy-paste the text in the bottom of this page into the field and sign the following data. Make sure it’s exactly the text below and nothing else (you can use the Copy in the text box corner)

  4. Click sign message

  5. Approve the request from the wallet (no gas fees required)

  6. Copy the string in the signature of the supplied data field and paste it into the signature field in the Google form

  7. Submit Google form

Message to sign

Copy-paste the below message to sign:

I hereby accept and declare to comply to the Pendulum terms and conditions to be found at published on Feb 13, 2023 (SHA256 hash: aded339deea400cae6f2b96c818321945e983079562bc37ecf01ec358004fc07)

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