Parachain slot crowdloans are a way for new projects to get their parachain on Polkadot and Kusama. To become a parachain, a project must first bid through an auction for a parachain slot.

In December 2022, Pendulum was DotSama’s fastest crowdloan success with the 300,000 DOT (approximately $1.4M) hardcap being reached in 3 minutes.

In June 2022, Amplitude (Pendulum's sister network) won the Kusama auction 42 with more than 24,080 KSM (approximately $1,172,930) received.


The Pendulum community are at the fore-front of driving Pendulum ecosystem growth. Holders of the Pendulum's native PEN token will have ooportunities to contribute to the network through both staking and governance. Amplitude is our community-driven Kusama parachain powered by the AMPE token.

Our Grant Program funds and supports developers to build dApps on top of Pendulum while our brand Ambassador Program gives community members paid roles in growth and marketing.

Pendulum & PEN

Pendulum won auction 35 and our Polkadot parachain went live on Mainnet 14th February 2023.

A Polkadot crowdloan serves to trustlessly crowdsource DOT to bid on a parachain slot in Polkadot's parachain auctions. It is not exactly a loan, rather it is a way of locking your DOT tokens in order to vote for a parachain to successfully win a parachain slot in the network. For more information see our quick overview.

This crowdloan allowed Pendulum to raise the required DOT to secure a parachain slot on Polkadot and to distribute PEN tokens to the early supporters in the community.

Pendulum Crowdloan details include:

Lease period: 96 weeks

Vesting: 10% released upon TGE (token generation event)

90% released linearly over 96 weeks

Eligibility: Users must agree to Terms and conditions, No KYC required

DOT Lockup Period: 96 weeks

Token Received: PEN

Redeeming DOT: Your DOT will be unlocked and returned to you without any input required

Exchange listings for PEN are projected for late February 2023. PEN will be the native token of Pendulum. PEN utilities include powering transactions as the Pendulum gas token, governance, and staking.

Ticker: PEN Relay Chain: Polkadot Supply Structure: Inflationary Total Supply: 200,000,000 Initial Circulating Supply: 15,200,000 Supply at Genesis: 160,000,000 Read the full PEN tokenomics here and a detailed summary of PEN utilities here.

PEN crowdloan rewards

Check here -> c08e959d5c024417a28357b5aa6772a6

Note: If you are eligible for the rewards and haven't received them yet, please reach out to us on Telegram.

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