Testing the vault client

The second important block of our testing scenario are the vaults. These take care of fetching information from Stellar and reporting it to the testchain, as well as reacting to certain events on the testchain and forwarding them to Stellar.

Then run the following command and replace <vault-secret> with the secret key:

cd clients
cargo run --bin vault --features standalone-metadata  -- --keyring alice --stellar-vault-secret-key-filepath <secret_key_file_path> --stellar-overlay-config-filepath <cfg_file_path>

# You can use, from the provided examples
cargo run --bin vault --features standalone-metadata -- --keyring alice --stellar-vault-secret-key-filepath ./spacewalk/clients/stellar-relay-lib/resources/secretkey/stellar_secretkey_testnet --stellar-overlay-config-filepath ./spacewalk/clients/stellar-relay-lib/resources/config/testnet/stellar_relay_config_sdftest1.json

Wait until it finishes building, and ignore any warnings. If it builds and runs successfully, you should see logs like this:

At this point, you have the main blocks up and running, and you're ready to bridge some assets.


We provide some ready-to-use configurations in our GitHub repository, you can play around with the various configurations here

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