Spacewalk Step-by-step guide

This guide will walk you through the process of bridging Spacewalk assets to Pendulum and back to Stellar.

This guide focuses primarily on the LOBSTR wallet because of its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. However, you are free to use any Stellar wallet of your choice.

Bridging to Pendulum

Step 1: Stellar Wallet Setup

Begin by creating a Stellar wallet. Visit LOBSTR wallet and follow the prompts to set up your account. If you already have a LOBSTR wallet with Stellar assets then proceed to step 4.

Step 2: Acquire Assets

Purchase assets such as EURC, BRL, XLM, NGNC, AUDD or TZS.

Utilize MoonPay or Stripe for transactions, available through LOBSTR's partnerships.

Step 3: Exchange for Stellar Stablecoins

Once you have USDC or XLM you can go to Step 4 and bridge to pendulum. If you want to bridge other stablecoins like BRL, TZS etc then you can use LOBSTR's Stellar swap feature to exchange XLM or USDC for the stablecoin of your choice that you wish to bridge to Pendulum.

Alternatively, you can place a sell order on Stellar's Orderbook DEX, opting for either a limit or market order. Proceed to the next step once you have acquired your desired stablecoin. Both methods have minimal fees.

Step 4: Get a Polkadot Wallet

If you already have a Polkadot wallet skip to step 5. Learn more about choosing the right Polkadot wallet for your needs here.

Step 5: Get PEN

You will need PEN to fund the gas fees for Spacewalk transactions and for security deposit (1 pen will be enough for multiple transactions). If you already have PEN jump to step 6. If you don’t have PEN yet you can acquire from a CEX or DEX, or you can swap on Zenlink:

From centralized exchange Signup with MEXC and purchase Pendulum (step-by-step guide). Withdraw your PEN tokens to your Pendulum address. If you need help setting up your Polkadot/Pendulum wallet, check out our docs.

From decentralized exchanges (DEX) You can swap a variety of Polkadot native assets (e.g. DOT, USDT, USDC) for PEN tokens using the Stellaswap trading UI on Moonbeam. To bring your Polkadot assets to Moonbeam, you can use the Cross-chain transfer UI from Stellaswap.

On Zenlink

You can swap DOT and GLMR tokens to PEN directly on Zenlik.

Step 6: Bridge Assets to Pendulum

Navigate to the Pendulum Spacewalk bridge here.

  1. Choose 'To Pendulum' and select the asset you wish to bridge.

  2. Enter the token amount, then click 'Bridge.'

  3. If you have not yet connected your Polkadot wallet (e.g., Talisman, Subwallet, Polkadot.js) you'll be prompted to do so, and then click ‘Approve’.

If the network is busy it may take a few seconds to process after clicking Bridge, please wait.

  1. Pop up with the transaction details will appear:

Text memo: transaction memo

In single Transaction to: Recipient's address

Please note that manual selection of the vault is available in the settings. If you wish to manually select the vault, click on the Settings symbol before bridging the assets.

Step 7: Deposit via Stellar Wallet

Return to LOBSTR and select 'Send' from the left-hand tabs. Enter the deposit details as provided by the Spacewalk bridge. Ensure to paste the recipient's address from the 'In a single transaction to' section. Tick the 'Add Memo' box to input the required text memo. Note: if you do not include the memo you coins will be lost. Stellar transactions require memos. Review your payment details before clicking 'Send.'

Remember to include a transaction memo when depositing assets to avoid potential loss of coins.

Then review the payment details and click ‘Send’.

Once LOBSTR confirms the payment, go back to the Spacewalk Bridge interface and confirm the transaction by clicking 'I have made the payment.'

Step 8: You have successfully Spacewalked!

The bridging transaction typically completes within a minute. Monitor the transaction status via the 'Transfers' tab on the Spacewalk bridge UI. The UI will indicate ‘Pending’ until the transfer is ‘Completed’. If your transaction hasn't been processed after 10 minutes, contact support through Telegram or Discord for assistance.

Bridge Assets to Stellar

The same process in reverse can be used for bridging assets back to Stellar. First click ‘Back to Stellar’ on Spacewalk Bridge, select the asset you wish to bridge back and the amount of tokens. Copy and paste your LOBSTR wallet address (or any Stellar wallet address) and then click ‘Bridge’ and approve in your Polkadot wallet.

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