Claiming Vault rewards

Claiming rewards involves using the rewardDistribution.collectReward extrinsic with specific parameters.

How to claim rewards for Spacewalk on Amplitude?

  1. Go to and switch to Amplitude network from the network menu or directly click on this link.

  2. Find Developer in the top menu, and choose Extrinsics from the drop down. Select the Decode tab

  1. For USDC, BRL, TZS, NGNC, AUDD, EURC paste the below in the field hex-encoded call


For XLM Paste the below in the field hex-encoded call


  1. Now switch to the Submission tab

  2. Make sure the 'using the selected account' and 'accountId' fields are filled with your Vaultid

vaultId is the account id of the vault, however it also contains information of what collateral the vault uses and what wrapped assets it supports to be bridged. That way the same vault account can deploy multiple vaults for different swap assets – each of them would then have a different vault id.

  1. Stellar: SpacewalkPrimitivesAsset choose AlphaNum4

AlphaNum4 - asset has 4 or less characters, AlphaNum 12 - asset has 12 or less characters

  1. Provide AlphaNum4: {code: [u8;4], issuer: [u8;32]}, which is the currency code as per below:


  • BRL - 0x42524c00

  • TZS - 0x545a5300




  • XLM - Stellar: SpacewalkPrimitivesAsset is StellarNative

  1. Choose the Issuer

Issuer is public key of the Stellar issuer address issuing a particular currency


  • USDC:


  • BRL: 0xeaac68d4d0e37b4c24c2536916e830735f032d0d6b2a1c8fca3bc5a25e083e3a

  • TZS: 0x34c94b2a4ba9e8b57b22547dcbb30f443c4cb02da3829a89aa1bd4780e4466ba

  • AUDD: 0xc5fbe9979e240552860221f4fe2f2219f35e40458b8b58fc32da520a154a561d

  • EURC: 0x2112ee863867e4e219fe254c0918b00bc9ea400775bfc3ab4430971ce505877c

  • NGNC: 0x241afadf31883f79972545fc64f3b5b0c95704c6fb4917474e42b0057841606b

  • XLM: not required

  1. Make sure rewardCurrencyId: SpacewalkPrimitivesCurrencyId is Native

  2. Submit transaction

Please note, there is no need to provide the issuer for XLM asset

  1. After successfully submitting the transaction, a confirmation prompt will appear in the upper right corner.

  1. You can check the polkadot.js explorer for details

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