Ambassador Program

The Pendulum & Amplitude ambassador program welcomes engaged community members to become an official part of our team. This offers the opportunity for you to be directly involved with the team, get invited to our events and help shape the course of both projects. We’re looking for a variety of people with a variety of skillsets including community management, marketing, translation, development and other areas.

If you are passionate about transforming fiat on DeFi with Amplitude & Pendulum, please head to our Discord and claim your ambassador role. No matter where you are from and where your skills lie, you are more than welcome to contribute however you see fit. We want to help you grow your reach and influence over the cryptosphere however we can. Perks for ambassadors include: -Collaborating with team members on joint content -Funding the organisation of meetups -Shouting out your content via our channels -Considering you first for ambassador bounties -Introducing you to other high-class projects for collaboration -Outfitting you with swag


How can I become an ambassador?

-Please head to our Discord and claim your role by reacting with 👍 in the #ambassador-onboarding channel.

What qualities are you looking for in an ambassador?

-Being passionate about helping us grow is the most important factor! We’ll see how your skills can be best utilized and where you can add the most value. We’re looking for people that are active in our community and try to be helpful for the community in any way they can.

Is this a paid position?

-No, we will enter into a mutually beneficial relationship that helps you grow your reach and influence through promoting the goals of Pendulum & Amplitude.

Do I need to have technical expertise?

-Having a good understanding of blockchain, DeFi and DotSama is a definite plus but not necessarily a requirement.

What ambassador ranks exist and how to get them?

-There are 5 ranks in total.

Squire - awarded for claiming the role in #ambassador-onboarding Knight- awarded for making an introduction in #ambassador-intro Count - awarded for first contribution in #🐦community-content Duke- awarded for contributing continuously Marquess - awarded for continued high-quality submissions The higher your rank, the higher the likelihood to be selected for ambassador bounties. Rank Count and higher also earns Moderation privileges Attaining the highest rank of Marquess will make us endorse your unofficial localized Pendulum & Amplitude communities

Is there a trial period?

-No, there is no trial period

At which times should I attend the chatrooms for moderation?

-Whenever you find a moment, we appreciate if you can answer questions, help out newcomers and delete inappropriate messages

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