Creating test accounts


The vault client needs access to two accounts:

  • a Substrate account;

  • a Stellar account.

While testing, you can use a set of default development accounts which are pre-funded in the genesis configuration of the chain spec.

In order to do so, you can run the vault with the "alice" keyring:

 # These paths assume you are in the root of the provided github repo
 cargo run --bin vault --features standalone-metadata -- --keyring alice [...]

Stellar Configuration

On the stellar account, in order to issue tokens it is necessary to have a trustline to the assets you want to bridge. For the testnet, the asset we test with is the following USDC asset:


On Stellar, we need to have a funded testnet account that has a trustline to our pre-configured USDC testnet asset. The issuer of this testnet asset was chosen arbitrarily but is now hard-coded so it is important that you use this asset. To create and fund this Stellar account as well as for adding the trustline you can use Solar wallet.

Adding a trustline for your bridged asset

XLM tokens can simply be bridged without any setup from the testnet account

If you want to bridge assets besides XLM you first have to add a trustline for that asset to your Stellar account. You can follow the stellar guide to setting up a Trustline with the following USDC asset if you want to test issuing USDC:


If you are using Solar wallet, you can find instructions on how to add a trustline here.

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