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Welcome to Pendulum

Pioneering the internet of fiat. Pendulum blockchain offers composable financial services using stablecoins to businesses, fintech companies and builds the future of forex on DeFi.
On this site, you'll find information and documentation on the project and network, as well as technical docs for developers, node operators, users, and other Pendulum communities.
Help us help you: As Pendulum evolves, so will our documentation. We welcome everybody to participate with recommendations for updates to these docs. Please reach out to us on Telegram or Discord with any feedback.

What is Pendulum?

Pendulum Chain is a smart contract blockchain network connecting fiat rails to the decentralized finance ecosystem. By bridging robust and compliant fiat-pegged tokens from the most prominent blockchain networks into the vibrant DeFi ecosystems, Pendulum addresses the ever-growing demand for fiat liquidity in DeFi. Behind the development of the open Pendulum protocol is SatoshiPay, a fintech company which has developed blockchain products since 2014.

Built on Substrate

Substrate is a blockchain framework developed by Parity Technologies. The framework was used to build Polkadot. The advantages of Substrate are many: in addition to having native compatibility with the Polkadot chain, Substrate has cross-coding language support, forkless upgrades with built-in upgrade coordination, deterministic finality (for fast consensus reaching), and a suite of pre-built but customizable components (“pallets”).

What is the Big Picture?

The tools of money have changed to be evermore inclusive and accessible in an increasingly globalized and borderless world. Humans have evolved from trading metal coins to investing in stocks and sending online bank transactions. However, the centralized traditional financial systems, which historically provided these tools, tend to be unable to deliver flexible and composable services. Global fiat transfers and interactions in traditional finance suffer from high fees, slow speeds and limited optionality. In contrast, the explosive growth in the world of DeFi has brought about tools for building innovative financial products for future generations. But to date, bridging compliant fiat fintech services over to DeFi ecosystems has not been easy. Pendulum was created to be this bridge.
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