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Waitlist & Crowdloan Process

Why Join the Waitlist?
Benefits of joining the waitlist include:
  • Sign up for the waitlist and enjoy a 5% bonus in PEN tokens
  • Refer friends to the waitlist and earn 5% on their crowdloan rewards
  • Complete the “Amplifier” campaign for a further 5% bonus
  • All community members on the waitlist will be first to receive all necessary information and updates needed to participate in the crowdloan
The Crowdloan Process
Our crowdloan allows Pendulum to raise the required DOT to secure a parachain slot on Polkadot and to distribute PEN tokens to the earliest supporters in the community. DOT contributed to a successful crowdloan and will be locked for the duration of the parachain lease for 96 weeks.
Contributors to our successful crowdloan will receive PEN tokens for 96 weeks according to our vesting schedule. The contributed DOT will be unlocked trustlessly and automatically after 96 weeks and returned to contributors. Check out our deep-dive article into exactly how Polkadot parachain auctions work here.
Crowdloan Details
Lease period: 96 weeks
Vesting: 10% at TGE
Remaining 90% vested linearly over 96 weeks (Polkadot parachain lease period)
Eligibility: Users must agree to Terms and Conditions, No KYC required
Bonus Structure: Up to 15% bonus
5% for signing up on the waitlist
5% of the rewards for anyone signing up using your referral link
5% for completing the Amplifier Campaign to boost your referral link
Contributing: You can contribute via our website once the crowdloan is live
DOT Lockup Period: 96 weeks
Token Received: PEN
Redeeming DOT: Your DOT will be unlocked and returned to you without any input required
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